WATCH: Alia Bhatt’s deepfake video; Another victim of AI misuse after Rashmika Mandanna, Kajol, Katrina Kaif, and Sara Tendulkar


A viral deepfake video featuring Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt has raised concerns about the misuse of artificial intelligence (AI) technology. This incident follows similar instances involving actors Rashmika Mandanna and Kajol, where their faces were digitally altered in videos. The video of Alia shows her face imposed on another woman’s body, engaging in suggestive gestures while looking at the camera.

Recently, a deepfake video of Kajol circulated online, originally a clip from a British social media influencer’s TikTok ‘Get Ready With Me’ post, as confirmed by fact-checking platforms.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently expressed worries about AI’s threats, especially regarding deepfakes, emphasizing the need to educate people about its capabilities, challenges, and potential risks.

Reacting to her own deepfake video, Rashmika expressed profound concern about the vulnerability individuals face due to technology’s misuse, describing it as “extremely scary.”

Deepfakes involve digitally altering videos to present someone as though they are someone else. The advancements in AI have made these videos notably convincing and accurate.

Regarding her professional commitments, Alia Bhatt is presently working on an action film called “Jigra,” directed by Vasan Bala and co-produced by herself and Karan Johar. Her last appearance was in Karan Johar’s “Rocky Aur Rani Kii Prem Kahaani” alongside Ranveer Singh.

Alia Bhatt Deepfake


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