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The Best Ways to Maintain Your Health: Top 5 Strategies

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Many things contribute to good health. Good health can reduce the risk of certain illnesses or conditions, such as heart disease, strokes, certain types of cancer, and certain types of injuries. Find out how you can keep yourself and your loved ones healthy.

Healthy Diet
The food you consume has a direct influence on your overall health. Eating a balanced diet has many advantages. By choosing healthier foods, you can help prevent or treat certain diseases. Some of these conditions include Heart disease Stroke Diabetes Weight loss Cholesterol.

Regular Workouts
Regular exercise has been shown to diminish the risk of cardiovascular disease (heart disease), stroke (stroke), diabetes (diabetes), and colorectal cancer (colorectal cancer). Exercise has also been shown to be effective in treating depression, osteoarthritis (osteoporosis), and hypertension (high blood pressure). People who exercise tend to be less likely to get injured. Regular exercise can improve your quality of life and help you maintain a healthy weight. Aim for 30-60 minutes of physical activity about 5 times per week. Any amount of physical activity is better than no exercise at all.

Lose excess weight
Millions of people across the world have excess body condition (or) overweight. Being overweight puts you at risk for several health issues, including high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, a few types of cancer, gallbladder disease, weight-related injuries and arthritis of the weight-bearing joints, such as the spine, hips or knees.

Avoid tobacco products
The harmful consequences of smoking and consumption of tobacco are well known. Smoking can lead to heart disease, mouth, throat or lung cancer, and is a major contributor to the development of the diseases associated with smoking. Smoking can also be a contributing factor to the development of diseases associated with the lungs, such as emphysema and COPD. The sooner you stop smoking, the better!

Limit alcohol consumption
Men should never exceed 2 drinks per day. Women should never exceed 1 drink per day. 1 drink equals 12 oz of beer. 5 oz of wine. 1.5 oz of liquor. Alcohol damages your liver. Alcohol causes some cancers, including throat cancer, liver cancer, and pancreatic cancer. Alcohol also causes car accidents, homicides, and suicides.

Best practices
1. In addition to the above, you should also take care of your overall health. Make time to visit your primary care physician, as well as your dentists and optometrists. Let your health benefits and preventative care services do the work for you. Make sure you understand what your health insurance coverage covers. Preventive care can help detect or stop illness before it occurs.

2. Breast cancer is one of the foremost causes of death among women. Ask your doctor when you should begin screening for breast cancer. If you have a family history of breast cancer, you may need to begin screening earlier. One of the most common ways to spot breast cancer is through your monthly self-examination.

3. If you have any other questions about cancer screening, ask your doctor. Colorectal Cancer screening is recommended for adults aged 45 and over. Your doctor may decide to screen you for other cancers, depending on your family history and risk factors.

4. Keep a list of your current medications. You should also keep up to date on vaccines, including the annual flu shot. For adults, a Td booster is required every 10 years. This vaccine may be replaced by Tdap. Tdap also helps protect against whooping cough. Pregnant women should get Tdap. People who come into direct contact with babies should also get it.

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