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Milala wins the TFT Vegas open after a shaky start

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Teamfight Tactics crash-landed in Las Vegas for the biggest global LAN tournament in TFT history! 512 competitors have battled it out for two days between December 08-10, 2023, to win a piece of the $300,000 prize pool. The Final 8 then competed for the chance to win $100,000, a one-of-a-kind emote, a special trophy belt, and the title of TFT Vegas Open Champion!

The road to the top was a challenging one, with some of the best players from every region competing on a relatively unexplored and new patch.

After two rounds of play on Day 1, only 128 players were remaining out of 512. After three games in each round, the top four players in each lobby advanced. Two more rounds of play on Day 2 reduced the original 128 players to eight. Only the top two finishers from each round of play after four games played advanced to the next, making the eliminations per lobby even more brutal than they were on Day 1.

After two days and four intense rounds of TFT, the following eight contestants were determined:

Ashemoo (NA)

DSG Broccoli (NA)

humbug (NA)

KC Double61 (EMEA)

Kevin Parker (EMEA)

Milala (NA)


5454TFT (EMEA)

NA and EMEA faced off in the Teamfight Tactics Vegas Open finals. Some saw it as the decisive match between the two regions because each had one TFT world championship that was headed to the championship round.

The winners of the TFT Vegas Open finals had to score 20 points to be in check and then win a game after reaching the check.

With 11 points from the first three games of the TFT Vegas Open finals, Milala got off to a shaky start. One player had reached check by then. In the finals, DSG Broccoli nearly won the competition in Game 4 with an amazing scoreline of 20 points from placing fifth, first, and first in Games 1 through 3.

By the end of Game 4, Milala earned himself 4 points by going 5th place. At this point, he was not in check, with a point total of 15 points. By the end of Game 5, there were four players in check- Ashemoo, DSG Broccoli, KC Double61, and Kevin Parker and they all had a chance to win the tournament. However, an underdog and seemingly unlikely “Hero” in Humbug who scored just 7 points in the first 4 games made his last chance count by taking the tournament to game 6 and denied the Cinderella tale of Ashemoo.

Scoring just six points, Milala came in just behind Ashemoo and Humbug in Game 6. With a total of 21 points now, Milala was in the check with five other competitors.

Milala now just needed to win Game 6 to win the TFT Vegas Open, whereas, in previous games of the finals, he had been several steps away from tournament victory. Milala committed to a recently nerfed composition after taking an underperforming augment on 2-1, but he knew that that was the exact moment to play Annie reroll. He moved his Annie out of the corner and made critical frontline positioning adjustments. With the help of Learning to Spell and Raise the Tempo, Milala’s Rageblade Annie reroll helped him win the TFT Vegas Open and take home a USD 100,000 grand prize on the biggest of stages and in the biggest of moments.

Prizes for TFT Vegas Open finalists:

2$25,000Kevin Parker
5$10,000KC Double61
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