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10 International destinations you can plan this new year at the same accommodation cost as GOA

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These ten locations offer accommodations that are more reasonably priced for a group of up to eight people than Goa. As per the research conducted by CNBCTV18 on Airbnb, for the 10 days between December 23 to January 2, it was discovered that some of the stays in these 10 locations were less expensive than what was seen in Goa.

For many people, travelling abroad is a dream come true, drawn by the allure of sun-kissed beaches, exciting local cultures, and unique scenery that are frequently connected to a popular travel destination like Goa. However, there are a ton of fascinating places in the world that provide a similar experience to Goa. Come along as we explore ten amazing locations that won’t break the bank and can all offer a rewarding overseas trip that has all the charm of a Goan retreat.


No 1. Oman | Visa required | Use Airbnb to find affordable lodging in Oman from the final week of December to the beginning of January. Whether tucked away in the centre of Muscat or with a view of picturesque surroundings, there are reasonably priced accommodations that provide a comfortable haven for the festive season. Take advantage of a combination of savings and comfort to make your winter vacation in Oman both affordable and memorable. Visit https://visitoman.om for more details.


No. 2: Nepal | Visa not required| Enjoy the lively parties in Nepal this holiday season. Discover the exciting nightlife of places like Pokhara and Kathmandu, and think about checking in at the bustling casinos for a fun mix of celebration and entertainment. For a truly unforgettable vacation, take in all of Nepal’s cultural diversity while taking part in the celebrations and trying your luck at the casinos. Visit https://ntb.gov.np for more details.

No. 3: Sri Lanka | Visa not required| Prepare to experience Sri Lanka’s joyous atmosphere this coming holiday season. Sri Lanka provides a wide variety of celebrations for every party animal, from beachside parties in Hikkaduwa to cultural events in Colombo. Enjoy the vibrant atmosphere, sample regional cuisine, and dance the night away while making lifelong memories during this joyous time in Sri Lanka. Visit https://www.srilanka.travel for more details.


No. 4: Vietnam: Visa required | Vietnam is a rich tapestry of culture and scenic beauty, ranging from the busy streets of Hanoi to the serene landscapes of Ha Long Bay. Savour the lively nightlife of Ho Chi Minh City and celebrate Christmas and New Year’s with a bang in Vietnam. Visit https://vietnam.travel/node/1336 for more details.


No. 5: Bhutan | Visa not required| Bhutan is a hidden gem in the Eastern Himalayas, renowned for its pristine landscapes and distinctive Gross National Happiness formula. Explore verdant valleys, stop by historic monasteries, and become fully immersed in the lively local way of life. Bhutan’s serene beauty, with its historic dzongs and magnificent scenery, offers a peaceful substitute for Goa’s busy beaches. Visit https://bhutan.travel for more details.


No. 6: Cambodia | Visa on Arrival| As you discover Cambodia’s ancient wonders, you feel like travelling back in time. A glimpse into the rich history of the nation can be found in the magnificent temples of Angkor Wat, the exquisite carvings at Bayon, and the evocative ruins of Ta Prohm. The affordability of Cambodia enables you to partake in the adventure without sacrificing the enchantment of these ancient marvels. Visit https://www.tourismcambodia.com for more details.


No. 7: Indonesia | Visa on Arrival| Go on an affordable tropical getaway to Bali, where breathtaking scenery and a spiritual atmosphere combine to create an archipelago of Indonesia. Explore historic temples, take in colourful coral reefs, and see traditional dance performances—all while sticking to the budgetary constraints of a Goan vacation. Visit https://www.indonesia.travel/gb/en/home for more details.


No. 8: Thailand | Visa not required| Bangkok is known as the party capital of Thailand, offering a thriving nightlife, a busy metropolis, tranquil islands, and an extensive cultural legacy. It’s a varied location that suits different kinds of travellers. Thailand offers a varied experience without breaking the bank, whether it’s the historic charm of Ayutthaya, the serene beaches of Krabi, or the street markets of Bangkok. Visit https://www.tourismthailand.org/home for more details.


No. 9: Dubai | Visa Required| Change your opinion of Dubai as a posh vacation spot with reasonably priced lodging options that compete with Goa’s beachside extravagance. Discover the dynamic markets, take in the city’s modern skyline, and take in the fusion of cultures that makes Dubai an alluring substitute for travellers looking for luxury on a budget. Visit https://www.visitdubai.com/en/ for more details.


10. Malaysia | No visa required for a 30-day stay| Indian visitors visiting Malaysia on a tight budget will find a variety of reasonably priced lodging choices, from hostels to low-cost hotels, that let them see the nation without going over budget. Malaysia offers a diverse range of nightlife options to Indian tourists, ranging from lively clubs to bustling street markets and local pubs. This vibrant scene caters to those seeking entertainment after sunset. Visit https://www.malaysia.travel for more details.

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