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Bigg Boss 17: Salman Khan accused of being biased; 4 crores allegedly offered by Anurag Dobhal’s brother to get the contestant out

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Bigg Boss 17 contestant Anurag Dobhal, known as The UK07 Rider, is unhappy with the show and superstar Salman Khan for “portraying him unfavorably”. Anurag, a motorbike vlogger with a significant fan base called Bro Sena, is recognized for his catchphrase, “Jinhe pata hai unhe pata hai.”

Recently, Anurag’s brother, Atul Dobhal (kalam_inkk on Instagram), spoke out against the reality show, asserting that it’s scripted to depict Anurag negatively. He alleged that Bigg Boss 17 exhibited bias by manipulating conversations and avoiding direct interactions with Anurag, aiming to create turmoil within BroSena. Expressing concern for Anurag’s mental well-being, he criticized the show’s insensitivity towards his brother’s struggles, mentioning the industry’s disregard for mental health issues until a breaking point.

Audience’s Reaction

The brother also pledged to compensate for Anurag’s exit from the show, condemning the biased treatment and urging Anurag’s fair treatment. He wrote, “Jhukna nahi, bus tu lad Anurag main hun. 4 crore main aur mera bhai dete hain inko, abhi bhejo bahar usko. Bematlab ka taget inka. Kama lenge wapas meri jaan milke. Par jhukenge nahi chahe kuch bhi ho. Biased show as hell.”

These statements garnered mixed reactions among the show’s fans. While some sympathized with Anurag, criticizing Salman Khan’s alleged mistreatment and bullying, others felt he deserved the criticism. Opinions varied, with some highlighting Anurag’s shortcomings and others accusing Bigg Boss of intentional humiliation.

Despite Anurag’s perceived shortcomings, some fans defended him, emphasizing that although he might appear clueless, he’s not inherently malicious. Criticism was directed at Salman Khan for his treatment of Anurag, drawing parallels with past controversies involving other celebrities like Vivek Oberoi. Anurag had previously claimed that Bigg Boss and Salman Khan primarily favor film celebrities, leading to ongoing scrutiny from Salman Khan.

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